Winter flu vaccine Exeter

Do I need a winter flu vaccine in Exeter?

Flu or influenza is an infectious illness that attacks the respiratory system. It is a common illness that you can contract all year round, even though most cases are witnessed during winter. Many people will have a reduced immune system this year due to staying indoors as a result of COVID-19. Get your protection today with the winter flu vaccine in Exeter.

Getting a flu vaccination jab is the best, safest, and most effective means of safeguarding yourself from any flu. It also ensures a minimal rate in terms of spreading the infection to others. Flu and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, and they both spread faster during winter and autumn.

Who is eligible for the winter flu vaccine in Exeter?

Below are groups of people who are most at risk from flu and are prioritised to receive the free flu vaccine:

– Adults of age 50 and above
– Healthcare providers
– Pregnant women
– People of age six months and above with eligible health conditions
– Carers of age 16 and above who are in regular contact with immunosuppressed individuals
– NHS independent parties such as community pharmacists and support staff, GP, dental and optometry practices, and laboratory staff involved in the coronavirus testing
– School teachers in the nursery, primary, secondary, and higher learning institutions
– Social care providers who deliver direct personal services
– Young and unpaid care providers
– Prisoners and prison staff that provide direct front-facing detention services
– All primary pupils and secondary school students

Winter flu vaccine Exeter

Why should I get the winter flu vaccination?

The flu vaccine is an effective and safe vaccine that provides the best protection against flu. Flu vaccines provide protection against most flu viruses, although there are still minimal chances of you getting the flu after receiving the vaccine. The flu that one gets after vaccination is relatively mild and short lived.

Having the flu vaccine also prevents the flu from spreading to other people at higher risk of developing serious complications.

The vaccine takes up to 10 days to take effect and should help keep the flu away during the year’s flu season. You have to receive immunisation on a yearly basis because the flu viruses change regularly and your immune system gets weaker over time.

The flu vaccine will not give you flu but rather protect you from it.

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If you have an egg allergy

Vaccine developers use eggs to produce certain flu vaccines.

It’s important to update your health provider or pharmacist if you are allergic to eggs or if you’ve previously had a vigorous allergic reaction to a flu vaccine.

If you are affected, please consult with us for advice. There may be the option of an egg-free vaccine.

Side effects of the winter flu vaccine in Exeter

Just like any other medication, the winter flu vaccine in Exeter may show some side effects, but they are usually mild.

Winter flu vaccine Exeter

Vaccine safety

Like all the other medicines, vaccines are tested for effectiveness and safety before they are released to the public. The vaccine’s safety is continuously monitored by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) even after release.

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