24/7 Prescription Collection in Exeter

We have simplified our process of ordering, preparing, and collecting prescriptions. Luxtons Pharmacy have proudly invested in ultra-modern technology to not only assist us but also you in staying healthy and safe. With our 24/7 prescription collection in Exeter & surrounding areas, you can fully depend on the Luxtons team.

We care for you and your family, therefore we have made it easy and convenient for you to collect your essential medicines.

Reliable 24/7 prescription collection

Our 24/7 prescription collection in Exeter & surrounding areas is transformational for not only us but also our patients. Easily access and collect your prescriptions at a time that suits you.

No more queueing or having to plan pharmacy visits – Office workers, shift workers, and everybody working long hours in the local community can now collect their medication at a time that suits them best.

At Luxtons Pharmacy, we are working to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience is our utmost priority. Therefore, the technology is completely compatible with our pharmacy’s customer offering. Those that use the machine are however still welcome to come in and get not only personalised but expert advice from our team.

Benefits of the 24/7 prescription collection

– Convenient prescription pickup

The 24/7 prescription collection at Luxtons Pharmacy is open throughout the year. Therefore you can collect the prescriptions at a time of your choosing, even outside of pharmacy working hours.

– Immediate access to medicines

As soon as we receive your prescriptions, we prepare and package them ready for pickup. No queues mean no time-wasting during collection. All NHS exemptions can be recorded through the machine and payments can be made for all patients that need to do so.

– Easy process

Once your prescription is ready for collection, a code number is texted to you. All you have to do is enter it on the PS24 touchscreen to dispense the medication.

Contact us for more information about our 24/7 prescription collection service or sign up here.