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With Winter fast approaching, it’s time to start getting prepared for colder weather and new health concerns, including seasonal flu. This year, with COVID-19 still rife throughout the UK, it’s more important than ever to book your flu vaccination in Exeter if you’re eligible. Unsure about whether the vaccine is right for you? We’ve answered a few common questions to help you decide!

What are the Benefits of Flu Vaccination?

Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing your personal risk of contracting the flu virus, there are a range of other reasons why taking the vaccine is a good idea. For example, when more people are vaccinated, the virus is less able to spread to unvaccinated individuals who could become seriously unwell. In taking up your flu vaccination, not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re also protecting others around you (and the NHS).

This year, shielding yourself against flu is incredibly important, as fewer people will have built natural immunity during the pandemic. Importantly, the combination of COVID-19 and the flu virus has also been shown to be more likely to cause serious illness. By making sure you’ve received both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines offered to you, you’re taking a great step in protecting your health.

book flu vaccination exeter

How Effective is Flu Vaccination?

The flu vaccine offers high protection against most strains of the flu virus. No vaccine is ever 100% effective, but similarly to the COVID-19 vaccines we’re all too familiar with, it vastly reduces your risk of catching the flu. And if you do still contract the virus, your symptoms will likely be milder and more short-lived.

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Who can Book Free Flu Vaccination?

This year, the following groups will be able to book free flu vaccination with their local pharmacy, GP surgery or midwife service.
– Anyone aged 50 or over
– People with certain medical conditions (including COPD, asthma, chronic kidney disease and HIV)
– Pregnant women
– Those who live with someone at high risk from COVID-19, who is on the NHS shielded patient list
– Frontline health and social care workers

Children who were aged 2 or 3 on 31st August 2021 will also be able to receive a free flu vaccine at their GP surgery, and primary school and year 7 children will also be eligible for flu vaccination arranged in schools.

Who Shouldn’t Get the Flu Vaccine?

If you’re unwell with a fever, it may be recommended that you delay your flu vaccination until you’re feeling better. If you have an egg allergy, you should also speak to a pharmacist or GP prior to booking your flu vaccination, as some of the vaccines offered do contain egg. However, an egg-free alternative is often available on request.

Where can I Book Flu Vaccination in Exeter?

Give us a call at Luxtons Pharmacy or use our online system to book your flu vaccination in Exeter. If you have any further questions about flu vaccination, our pharmacists will be happy to provide guidance and help you decide if it’s right for you. You can find out more about our flu vaccination here:

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We also offer treatment to help you fight minor ailments such as cold sores, coughs and colds this winter; you can learn more here:

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