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“There’s a lot of that going around,” is a phrase you hear a lot in autumn and winter. You may think the longer nights and cooler temperatures drive the rise in germs but in reality, it’s because we spend more time indoors with other people and the germs can spread more easily. However, there are steps you can take that could keep you healthy and free from colds and flu. None of them are difficult; they will all help you to stay fit and disease-free. Keep reading to find out how to stay healthy this autumn, including why you should get your flu vaccination in Exeter.

get flu vaccination exeter

5 Top Tips to Help You Stay Healthy This Autumn

1. Get your flu vaccination in Exeter

This is a no-brainer. Though especially important for those of a mature age, pregnant women, and anyone with a chronic health problem, a flu jab is a good idea for everyone. A flu vaccine will help protect you and those around you from catching the flu virus entirely, or from severe symptoms. With a vaccine, you may only feel a little low-energy for a day or two, instead of being extremely ill for a week or more.

If you live in Exeter, getting a flu jab is the easiest thing in the world. Just contact Luxtons Pharmacy and arrange an appointment to get your flu vaccination today. One visit and you’ll be protected. You can find out more about our flu vaccination service below:

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get flu vaccination exeter

2. Minimise close contact

The only way to get the flu is to meet and spend time with someone who already has it. So try and reduce the amount of time you mix with other people, such as in dense shopping areas or on public transport. Now, you don’t have to be a hermit, just be sensible. The one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 situation is our heightened awareness of cleanliness and hygiene and how that helps with reducing disease transmission. Keep washing your hands and using sanitiser and maintain a sensible distance.

3. Boost your immune system with food, as well as a flu vaccination in Exeter

The best way to boost your immune system is to eat healthy foods. Whole foods, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and low-fat protein all lead to a healthier gut and that’s vital for a good immune system. Avoid processed foods. They are almost all full of sugar, salt, and bad saturated fats and are no good for the flora in your gut. It is now believed that the health of your gut flora accounts for up to 70% of your immune system defenses, so it’s important to keep your microbiome happy.

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4. Stay fit

A sedentary lifestyle does not help us fight infections. Even a little regular exercise will help but more is better. Exercise helps in so many ways and you will notice the difference almost immediately. Weight control, improved sleep, and feeling more energised all help your immune system and keep you disease-free.

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5. Stop smoking

This is top of the list if you smoke. Smoking is not only a major cause of respiratory and cardiovascular disease but also makes you more susceptible to flu and its more severe symptoms. Most smokers know they should quit but find it so hard to stop. If you are one of them and need support in Exeter, our team at Luxtons Pharmacy are here to help you stop smoking now. Our trained staff can assess you and help you find the best way to kick the habit.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is very sophisticated and we can advise you what combination of products will be right for your individual situation. You can find out more about how we can help you quit for good here:

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get flu vaccination exeter

Get Your Flu Vaccination in Exeter

Whatever your health concern this autumn, the team at Luxtons Pharmacy in Exeter are happy to advise you on your best next steps. From friendly advice to inoculations and medication, we’re a great port of call for all your minor health concerns.

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