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Constant changes are occurring in the pharmacy business as a result of ever-evolving patient needs, new health complications and diseases. Because of this, automated prescription collection points such as Pharmaself24 are emerging. Pharmaself24 is a modern automatic pharmacy dispensing system. It helps pharmacies like ours to easily dispense meds, and patients to collect them at any given time of the day or night. Keep reading to find out more about 24-hour prescription collection in Exeter.

How does 24-hour prescription collection in Exeter work?

Luxtons pharmacy, like an increasing number of pharmacies, has an automated collection point. This enables patients to collect their prescriptions with ease, even past working hours. For this to be possible, the machine is outside the pharmacy.

The 24-hour Prescription Collection Service not only offers convenience, but it saves time as well. You can pick up your medicine when it suits you, around your busy schedule.

There are five steps involved in this service:

1. First, you need to register using our Sign-Up link.
2. Click the box with “I would like to sign up to the PS24 automated collection service.”
3. You’ll get a notification from our team as soon as your prescription is ready.
4. You’ll receive a secret PIN via text.
5. Finally, you’ll log in through the Pharmaself24 touchscreen using your PIN and collect your meds.



Why should you use 24-hour prescription collection in Exeter?

Below are a few reasons why you should take advantage of this amazing service:

Better patient care – Before the development of pharmacy automation systems, a pharmacist had to count, fill, cap, and label prescriptions manually. Now that the machine can swiftly handle these tasks, pharmacists have enough time to attend to other pressing issues, like giving immunisations and body screenings. It also enables pharmacists to provide better care by spending more one-on-one time with their patients. The prescription collection machine is also easy to use.

Increased patient satisfaction – Patients are likely to be less satisfied with the pharmacy’s services if they will be waiting for a long time for service or collection of prescriptions. The 24-hour prescription collection in Exeter deals with patients’ needs much faster, increasing satisfaction.

Increased patient safety – Increased patient safety is quite significant. Electronic prescriptions play a crucial role in ensuring minimal to no adverse drug events occurrence. Errors associated with written prescriptions such as selection of unavailable or incorrect drug or dosage, missing information, misinterpretation of the order due to illegible handwriting and duplication of therapy can all be avoided more easily.

Reduce lost prescriptions – It’s easy for a patient to misplace paper prescriptions because they are small. This can become stressful and time-consuming for both the pharmacist and patient as the prescription has to be re-written. Electronic prescribing enable the pharmacy to send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy. A patient doesn’t have to keep track of a paper prescription!

Medicine from a 24 hour prescription collection in Exeter

Can I collect a prescription on behalf of someone else?

Yes. You can collect a prescription, either electronic or in paper form, for someone else.

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